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Our Packages & Extras

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Our Packages

The Ultimate Puppy Package $40
A late night potty break each night, a Busy Bone, a departure bath, nail clipping and a nature walk, the perfect package for puppies under 6 months.

The Weekend Warrior $46
Treat your dog during their stay! Includes 2 nature walks, 2 Busy Bones, 2 peanut butter filled Kongs, and 2 Frosty Paws doggie ice cream throughout their stay. 

The Mini Weekend Warrior $22
Keep your dog busy even if it’s for a shorter stay. Includes a nature walk, 2 peanut butter kong’s and a busy bone.


The Nutty K9 $18
For the peanut butter lovers! Includes a peanut butter snack every morning, a peanut butter filled Kong, and a peanut butter Frosty Paw doggie ice cream.


The Clean Freak $45
Pick up your dog squeaky clean & smelling great! Includes a departure bath, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and nail clipping, pet cologne and an awesome bandana!


The Golden Oldie Package $20
For senior dogs, this package includes 2 slow paced calm senior strolls,2 soft treats & administering of medications with pill pocket, cheese etc.


Our Extras

Departure Baths…
For guests only $25.00! A luxurious bath before their departure. Take your doggie home squeaky clean & smelling great!  (XL breeds or long/dense coats additional $10)

Nature Walks…
Give your pup some 1 on 1 attention and exercise while on their doggie vacation, a nice stroll through the woods on a secure leash and collar. 

Senior Stroll…
For our seniors who would like a nice, slow, quiet, calm stroll down Nolan’s Way, through the grass to sniff all the wonderful smells!

Pet Lock Flea & Tick Application…
Paired with a bath or not, keep your pet safe from this years flea and tick’s. One application lasts for 30 days.

Peanut Butter Kong…
Is your dog a peanut butter lover? They’re sure to be happy with a kong stuffed to the max with peanut butter.

Pigs Ear Treat…
A nice pigs ear for your dog to chew on. Yummy!

Busy Bone…
Keep your dog occupied while they take their rest inside. A busy bone is sure to keep them busy while they relax!

Frosty Paws Ice Cream…
Treat your pet to a nice cold ice cream treat during their stay! They’ll be sure to love it.

Specialty baths…
Flea & Tick
Hot Spot

Full grooming..

We do grooming here at the pet lodge 6 days a week. Full grooming includes nail clipping or filing, paw pads shaved, ears plucked and cleaned, a bath, blow dry & haircut.

Nail trimming…

Ear cleaning…

Teeth cleaning…